ARPWave Therapy

ARPWave Therapy

ARPWave Therapy decreases chronic muscle pain, accelerates recovery time, and improves physical performance

ARPWave Therapy

  • ARPWave Therapy relieves neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, hip and knee pain, strokes, and muscle weakness.
  • The more well-known electrical stimulation therapies only focus on where a patient feels pain and only provide temporary relief from pain symptoms. ARPWave Therapy finds and treats the source of pain, where it originated, and eliminates the physiological pain.
  • Nearly all injuries are the result of the body's inability to absorb force properly. This force causes the brain and muscles to misfire, tricking the body into believing the pain is coming from symptomatic areas. Unlike other therapies that focus on where a patient feels pain, ARPWave Therapy finds and treats the actual source of the pain using a high frequency, double exponential background waveform.
  • Unlike all other protocols, our patented and proprietary high frequency, bio-electrical system is able to diagnose and pinpoint the neurological origin of the physical pain symptoms.
  • From the first session, ARPWave Therapy offers relief from chronic pain. Each follow-up session offers patients a progression of increasingly longer periods of relief to re-train and eliminate the underlying neurological problem. This means that patients become very motivated to complete the protocol - which is an average of 20 treatments over an 8-10 week period.
  • Kevin S.
    I have dealt with a nagging pain in my right shoulder for years but had been putting it off because I was concerned it would require surgery. I came across a rotator cuff workshop offered by Georgetown Physical Therapy which included a free evaluation. Teresa did a thorough exam and determined that my discomfort was due to muscular problems around and under the shoulder blade. She proposed a treatment schedule using a combination of laser therapy, massage, ARP electrical stimulation and traditional physical therapy.

    In 7 weeks, not only had the problems with my shoulder been completely resolved but I was equipped with a specific set of exercises I can do at home to maintain muscular strength and proper posture. I can highly recommend Teresa and her very capable team for all your physical therapy needs.
    Kevin S.

Reduce Pain Faster


Drug & Opioid Free


Faster Recovery Time


Better Muscular Performance

Additional Benefits to You

  • While typical rehab for many sports-related injuries is calculated in months, recovery with ARPWave Therapy is measured in days -- consistently 60-80% faster than traditional rehab.
  • ARPWave Therapy is 100% drug and opioid-free. Our procedure works on solving the underlying neurological patterns creating the pain in our lives. We find the source of the pain and retrain the neuro pathways to end it.
  • ARPWave Therapy treatment stimulates the soft tissues and increases blood flow to scar tissue and/or the source of the pain. It also creates new neuro patterns that re-train the nervous system, eliminate old muscle compensation patterns, and enhance the muscles ability to absorb force.
  • Just ask any of the professional athletes and everyday people who have used our revolutionary therapy. ARPWave Therapy improves the size and strength of the affecting muscle groups. The resulting enhanced mobility combined with our pain relief greatly increases sports performance.

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